Sota Sushi Bar is placed in the heart of Aarhus and is a modern Japanese restaurant. Exclusively decorated with plenty of eye-catching subtleties, which is no coincidence. Son Trinh is the co-owner of the restaurant and declares his love for excactly these little details – whether it applies to the products in his kitchen or the interior. The restaurant’s logo is an elegant symbol of a fish, which is a recurring theme in the solutions produced by Stål & Form.

I.e. the fish can be seen on the panels in the restaurant, on wall decorations in the basement, and in the rest rooms. Black steel with a rusty patina has been chosen as the main material. Finally the fish can be seen on the panels on the walls where there has been mounted a decoration in polished brass. 
Other creative solutions from Stål & Form are hidden bottle holders for the bar, where Sake bottles are used as decoration. For the rest rooms paper towel holders have been produced in brushed steel.

This is the third restaurant that Stål & Form ”decorates” in coorporation with Son Trinh.


Stål & Form has many years of experience in supplying furniture and interior for super yachts via one of the world’s
leading furniture designer within maritime decoration. It is a wide range consisting of exclusive products from bar stools and dining tables to different chairs with frames in polished steel or brass. The surfaces are so shiny that you can see your own reflection in them. In short, it is about exceptional furniture, where the expression is everything. 

The furniture does not only need to be designed with beautiful details, it also needs to have solid surfaces, that can hold the tough weather conditions including heavy wind and salty water when placed on deck all year long.These are deliveries that are in the very high end grade quality-wise and promoted on the big oceans and in an exquisite category of marinas.



In MOMU’s new permanent exhibition about the Stone Age, Stål & Form has supplied a somewhat special solution based on the newest technology. Wearing 3D-glasses the audiance can now take part in a virtual reality trip back to the Stone Age and experience how life was like back then. For instance you can see a tribal boat with hunters using fire to catch fish while you listen to the ocean and sense a thunder storm approaching.

Stål & Form has constructed the ”frame” to the actual 3D-glasses, the rack for the head phones, and a number of turnable chairs in the section that the exhibition is built around. The 3D-glasses are CNC milled out from an entire block of aluminum. The proto type has been made layer upon layer as a 3D print. The rack for the head phones and the chairs have powder coated surfaces. However, the 3D-glasses are anodized and appear with a matte black colour. The anodizing makes the surface six times as hard and thereby not as fragile towards heavy handling.



”Previously young carpenter apprentices would travel from Scandinavia out in the world to experience and improve their skills. They are called Navers. Today our dedicated cabinet makers work with the same love for wood and carpentry. But at Naver Collection we also seek new ways within tecniques, innovative materials, and design”.

The quote is from Naver Collection that is being produced by Aksel Kjersgaard A/S in Odder and Gromrode furniture production A/S in Juelsminde. The pieces of furniture  are all produced and designed in Denmark and sold to customers worldwide. Naver Collection is thereby holding their banner high regards to craftmanship and quality. Several pieces of the furniture are combined with frames, legs, and handles in brushed steel. These are often customized solutions produced by Stål & Form.



INDO has its roots in the Asian kitchen with inspiration from the European continent. On the menu you will therefore also find Danish products – especially seasonal vegetables.This combination recurs in the decoration, where modern light interiour by far dominates the restaurant – but with a dark and prominent bar as a contrast. Stål & Form has produced the bar in black steel, which appears with a raw and warm rusty patina. On the one corner of the bar the four letters in INDO are cut upright in a creative and rustical way, while 8000 Aarhus has been been cut horizontically in floor height on the right side of the front.


In addition Stål & Form has supplied the restaurant with a wine rack and holders for the menus as well as some distinct and artistic boards for the decoration of the walls. They are soundreducing boards that are divided into fields and elegantly decorated with birds.

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