Son Trinh, who is the co-owner of Sota Sushi bar, is very excited about the coorporation with Stål & Form. This is foremost because Claus Sønderby understands how to carry out and realize the – at times – crazy ideas that Son Trinh outlines.

”I can always call Claus, whenever I have an idea. He has the expertise in materials and knows how things work in practice. It gives me great pleasure that he is so creative and quick to see potential”, says the owner of the restaurant.

When the creative solution has been approved, Stål & Form continues working on the task until the product has been delivered and mounted.

”Claus has come to know my style and knows how I would like things”, Son Trinh points out.



Stål & Form has for several years been supplying MOMU with various kinds of works. MOMU is also known for their exhibition of the Grauballe Man. Since the museum has moved to new and larger locations, the supplies have increased. Exhibition architect, Ole Birch Nielsen promotes the coorporation with Stål & Form:

”Claus is good at sparring when it comes to designs to be carried out, and the drafts need not to be well-prepared drawings. Claus is creative and always works within deadline. Quality and craftmanship at a high professional level are what characterise the outcome”, says Ole Birch Nielsen.

The museum gladly let in co-workers from Stål & Form after closing hours. ”They take good care of our effects and are very careful. We will definitely be continuing our coorporation”, states Ole Birch Nielsen.




Stål & Form is a trustworthy partner. So says Jørgen Kjersgaard, owner of Aksel Kjergaard A/S – one half of Naver Collection:

”The fabrication of our furniture is often complicated, but Stål & Form always contributes with innovative and creative solutions. Like us, Stål & Form takes pride in their work all the way down to the smallest detail, and therefore we highly recomend the company to others.”



Son Trinh is the co-owner of Indo, which is placed in the same street as Sota Sushi Bar, Aarhus.

About the longstanding coorporation with Stål & Form, he says:

”Claus Sønderby is good at catching my detail-oriented ideas and is able to quickly see how things can be realised and set in motion. In that way we always reach very constructive and satisfying results”.

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